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Rocket Twin

By: Joni

Otto was searching for a photo of Reggie and Twister kissing each other. "Damn, where is that picture!" He picked up a box with pictures. In the box he found an envelope with a few pictures in it. Otto looked confused at the pictures. There was a little' girl on it playing with Reggie. The girl looked younger then Reggie. On the next photo he saw Raymundo playing with the girl and Otto himself.
Reggie ran in the room. "Otto Rocket!! If that is a picture of me and Twister, put it down!" she yelled. "No Reggie, it's another picture." Otto replied. "Huh? Let me see!" Reggie said. She looked at the picture and a tear rolled over her cheek. "Where, where did you found the picture?" she asked. "Here, in this envelope. Reggie...who is she!?" Otto asked. Reggie took the envelop and read the backside. "She's...she's your twin sister." Reggie sat and cried.
"What? But...where is she?" Otto was shocked. Raymundo walked into the room. "She ran away a few years ago. She was only 2. Her name is Joni." Raymundo sighed.
"A few weeks later someone send us this envelope, with a message on the backside." Otto took the envelope and read it.

Dear Raymundo, Reggie and Otto.
I found Joni. Now Iíll take care of her.
Don't worry, she's ok. Don't try to find her,
you'll never know where she is.
I hope you like the photo's. Take care!

Otto cried. "Maybe...maybe we can still find her!"
"No Otto. We will never find her!" Reggie said "Oh yes we can! Who can have pictures of Joni?" Otto asked.
"Uhmm, only Tito can, I think... wait a second! Luna...she was crazy about you and Joni. She would do anything to get you or Joni." Raymundo said! "Do you know where she lives?" Otto asked. "Yeah...yeah! Now she lives in Hawaii I think. You can ask Keoni." Raymundo replied. "That's far away but...I have to find her! Raymundo can I please go to Hawaii?" Otto asked sweetly.
"I donít know Otto...ooh ok you can go!" Raymundo sighed. "Thank you, thank you! I promise Iíll come home with Joni." Otto smiled and hugged his dad.
"Hey Rocket boy you won't go alone to Hawaii! Iíll go with you." Reggie smiled. "Thanks sis!" Otto smiled.
Otto ran to Twister's house. "Twist! Twist! Do you want to come with me to Hawaii? Otto asked. "Hawaii? It's an invasion of the Menehune!!! But... ok Iíll come with you!" he smiled. Otto smiled. He asked Sam the same and he wanted to come too.
The next day Raymundo and the 4 friends where at the airport. Raymundo said goodbye to the gang and hugged Otto and Reggie. "Bye dad!" Otto and Reggie said together. They walked to the plain. They were finally on the airplane. Otto was thinking how Joni would look like now or if she would still like him. After a few minutes he fell asleep. "Man, he's damn cute when he sleeps!" Reggie laughed.
A few hours later they arrived in Hawaii. Otto was nervous. Would he find Joni or not?
The 4 friends went to Keoni. Otto and Keoni hugged each other. Behind Keoni there was standing a girl about 11 years old. "Hi, my name is Jessica." the girl said. Reggie looked at the girl. She knew that girl wasn't Jessica but Joni!! "Hi, my name is Otto and this is my sister Reggie and my friends Twister and Sam."
"Hello Otto." Joni said. "Actually Iím here to find my sis. But maybe we can go surfing first!" Otto said.
"Yeah, that would be great!" Joni replied. They all went to the beach. Otto and Joni were surfing together. But it was such a long time. Joni saw her brother so she only looked at Otto and didn't surf well. She fell upon Otto. "Hey! Watch out!" Otto yelled. "Sorry, Iím so sorry Otto." Joni said. Otto growled. "It's okay but i hope it won't happen again!"
Otto went to Keoni to ask where Luna lived. Keoni showed him the way. Otto knocked on the door of Luna's house. Liza opened the door. "Hello, what can I do for you? she asked. "Where is she?" Otto asked. "Where's who?" Luna replied. "Joni! Where is Joni?" Otto was really mad. "Otto is that you?" Luna asked. "Yeah, it's me! But just tell me where Joni is!!!" Otto yelled. "I donít know where she is. She's been away for a while." Luna answered. "Why did you took her away from us?" Otto asked. Luna cried. "Oh Otto Iím so sorry. I loved her so much and i wanted a child so badly." Otto sighed. "But I miss my sis, don't you know? And youíre only 15!" Otto was still mad. "I think it's better that you go now!" Luna cried. Otto growled. "Yeah, sure..." He was so mad, he went skating with Keoni, Twister, Reggie, Sammy and Joni who Otto thinks is Jessica. Come on Jess, you skate like the Squid!" Twister laughed. Joni didn't listen, she was looking at Otto. Reggie skated towards Joni. "When are you going to tell him the story?" Reggie asked. "What are you talking about?" Joni replied. "I know it's your sis!" Reggie said. "Aww i donít know when Iíll tell him." Joni sighed. "Better be quick or Otto will go crazy." Reggie giggled.
"Ok Iíll tell him when wheníre at Keoniís house." Joni skated to Otto. "Come on Otto, you skate like the Squid." Joni winked. Otto laughed. "I'll get you Jess!"
When they skated they went back to Keoniís house. "Tell him now." Reggie whispered to Joni. "Yeah ok, I will." "Otto can i talk to you for a minute?" she asked. Otto walked towards Joni. "What's the problem?" Otto asked. Joni started to cry a bit. "Hey, what's wrong?" Otto asked. "Otto, Iím not Jessica, but Iím...Iím your sis!" Joni cried. "What? Are you Joni?" Otto asked. "Yeah, it's me..." she answered. "Oh my God, Joni, finally i found you!!" Otto was so happy. Reggie came in and hugged her little' brother and sister.
"It's time to go home!" Reggie smiled. "Wait a minute, she's going to stay here!!" Luna yelled. "No way Luna, i want to go to my father! Maybe you can come with us." Joni said. "Uhmm, really, can i come with you?" Luna asked. "Yeah, of you don't have to miss me." Joni giggled. "Aww, thanks." Luna hugged Joni. "Hey guys, it's time to go to the airport!" Keoni said. "Ok, where coming." Otto replied.
After 10 minutes they already were at the airport. "It's time to say goodbye." Keoni sighed. "Bye Keoni!" Otto hugged him.
"See ya!" Joni gave him a kiss on the cheek. Keoni blushed. "Ok goodbye now..." They all said to Keoni.
5 hours later they arrived at the airport of Ocean Shores. Raymundo was waiting for the gang.
"Dad??" Joni smiled. "Joni is that you?" he asked. Joni hugged him and cried. "I missed you so much!"
"I missed you too!" Raymundo said. "Oh thanks Otto, you found her!!"
"No problemo dad." He replied. All 4 the Rockets where hugging. "Come on, time to go home!" Raymundo smiled.

The end.