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Switching Places

By: Lauren Taylor

"Will you get out of my room and quit plundering through my stuff?!" Reggie screamed at Otto. Otto glared at her as he yelled back, "Quit screaming at me! I’m gonna tell Dad!" He slammed the door as he stomped out of her room. I hate being the youngest, he thought angrily, everyone is always getting mad at me! He sat on his bed and flipped on the TV.

Little brothers are such a pain, Reggie thought, what is their purpose on earth? She put on her pajamas, got in bed, and turned on the TV. She and Otto, both, fell asleep watching TV.

Later that night, they both had the same dream:

"Aww, is widdle Reggie mad ‘cause I took her skateboard?" Otto taunted. "Give it back, bro! Or I’m gonna tell Dad about your bad grade!" she screamed. Otto snickered, "Sorry ‘little’ sis, but you have no proof!" Reggie had a brilliant plan, all right, "I found your report card in the mail, ‘bro.’ I have it and you are SO toast is Dad finds out!" Otto was furious, "What are you doin’ readin’ my mail?!" "It said, ‘To the Rocket Family.’ It didn’t specifically state, ‘To Otto Rocket,’" she replied. She had got him. She snickered evilly,

"What big bro? You mad?" Otto mumbled something and stormed into the house.

Later on, when Reggie wasn’t in her room, Otto snuck in and ravaged through her things. He finally came to an envelope. "Bingo!" he said. "Bingo?" Reggie said as she slowly sauntered in. He was taken by surprise, so he ripped up the envelope as fast as he could. Reggie shook her head and chuckled, "Looking for this?" she held up a report card. "What…how…but…?" Otto stuttered. "I knew you were going to find it, so I made a few copies, just in case the situation called for it," she explained. "Why you little…" Otto was very mad.

"Dad, dad, dad! Come here, please!" Reggie screamed. Raymundo walked up to her room. "Yes?" he asked. "Look at this grade on Otto’s report card!" she said deviously. "Otto…" Ray said angrily. Otto just stood there, mouth gaping. Then, both Reggie and Otto woke up. One word ran through their minds: Weird! They went back to sleep, and woke up the next morning, thankful that they were themselves!

“Total Wreckage”

Standing in the rain,

Rain drippin’ down my face,

My world is coming to an end,

Love drenched in blood,

Freedom crumpled up,

Right now, I wish I was dead.

Can any one hear me now?

I’m screamin’ really loud,

My life is slowly passing me by,

Don’t know what to do,

Everything’s messed up,

But now I see the light.

The rain mixes with my tears,

My thoughts with my fears,

Bad images are portrayed,

Everything goes black,

I fall to the ground,

And everything and thoughts go blank.