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Interview with Joseph Ashton, the voice of Otto Rocket!

1) Why is Otto your favorite character to play?

Any similarities, since you star in sports like

soccer, etc? He’s a lot like me, because I don’t like

to lose. That’s why I like it so much.

2) What's the most satisfying thing about acting for


The fact that I’m working is good enough for me.


3) What's your favorite all time episode of RP you

made? Fiji flu.

4) What was the coolest thing about being in Beach

Bandits the video game? they sent me my own free

copy of the game. Awesome!

5) Any advice for people that want to try and be

actors? Do they have to be naturals, or do they

have to work hard at it? Yes, you have to be natural

but you also have to work hard to stay that way.