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Joseph Ashton- "Otto Rocket"
What can I say about this person?  He's  done work with children with cancer, since his grandmother passed away.  Not to mention he's won a few awards. He's also an excellent soccer player and a great student.  He is an
intern now at Warner Bros. Records.

Joseph's Bio/Pics
Joseph's Interview with me.
Gary Leroi Gray- "Sam "Squid" Dullard"

This may not sound familiar to you, but before Rocket Power was even on air, Gary and Joseph teamed up in "The Little Rascals."  Now, as the voice of Sam Dullard, the interactions between Otto and Sam at first seemed awkward, but despite their differences in personality, they acknowledged that one needs the other.  Otto needs Sam, so he stays out of trouble, and Sam needs Otto so he can become more outgoing.  Gary appeared on other shows, like "Even Stevens."   Source: Many of them.
Shayna Fox- "Reggie Rocket"

When you think of Shayna and Reggie, it almost makes you think they're twins!  Only difference is one is real and the other is a cartoon.  She's directed and produced some short films as well(not unlike Twister!)  Also appeared on Disney's popular show "That's So Raven."  Appeared in other shows such as "Christmas in Oz" and "Journey Beneath The Sea."
Ulysses Cuadra/Gilbert Leal- "Maurice "Twister" Rodriquez"

What you may not know about Ulysess is that he can't even skate well!  People in his class make fun at him.  At 16, unfortunately he has moved on, so Gilbert Leal has taken over, because of Twister's voice getting higher and deeper.  Ulysess has appeared in other shows like CBS' 'Judging Amy'  Also appeared in Beverly Hills 90210 and ER.  !  Gilbert has also appeared on Star Trek Voyager in 1995.  Source:, The Washington Post
John Kassir- "Ray "Raymundo" Rocket"

John appeared many times on the Amanda Show on Nickelodeon. And he was the voice of the Cryptkeeper(in the Jekyll and Hyde Club..   Also appeared on The Simpsons for one episode as Marge Simpson!   The Baltimore, Maryland native has made quite a mark on Hollywood, as he was an assistant director for "Forbidden Games"  and produced "Johnnytime" in 1997.   Was also the voice of Buster Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures.   Source:, Scott Sanchez. 
Edie McClurg- "Violet Stimpleton(far right on group picture)"

She appeared in the 2003 hit "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" as Mrs. Gertrude.   In 1998, Edie appeared in the well known Disney movie, "A Bug's Life" as the voice of Dr. Flora.  Also starred in the 1993 series "Problem Child."   Few know that she starred along side John Kassir in the Tiny Toon Adventures movie: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."  as Winne Pig.

Another amazing thing is that in 1979, she appeared in the series "Scooby/Scrappy Doo" as some various voices.   Appeared also in the hit series "The Jetsons" in 1962.
With this resume, it is easy to overlook the fact that she did more than Violet Stimpleton.  From the picture, it seems like Edie is a perfect match to play the upbeat Violet!

Source:, credit to for the picture
Daniel Stark- Guest Star on "The Big Day"

Daniel Stark is a teenager from Maryland, who had life-threatening cancer.  Through the "Make a Wish Foundation," his favorite cartoon being Rocket Power, was to be in an episode of it.  So, he got to go to California and meet the cast of the show, and made a brief appearance in the snowboarding competition.    Truly an inspiration to all, and congratulations for the cameo.  You lived every Rocket Power fans dream,  and God Bless you! 

Lombardo Boyar- "Lars Rodriquez"

You know him as the voice of Lars in Rocket Power.  But he has also appeared in the FOX series '24'(as Ramon Garcia), and 'Bernie Mac'(as Chuy),   He has also appeared in the movie "Gone in Sixty Seconds" as a paramedic  Few know that Lombardo has also appeared in a commercial!  In 2003, he appeared in a Home Depot commerical.   His most recent work is in the movie "The Wounded," starring as the character "Cartoon."   Sources:,, and credit for the picture from
Henry Gibson- "Merv Stimpleton"

Not many know this, but Henry was the voice of  Mayor Lindt in the Nickelodeon Hit, "AHHH!!!!!!"  Real Monsters!!!!"   Appeared in the 1963 hit, "The Nutty Professor" as a college student.    Appeared in "Luck of the Irish," a Disney Original Movie in 2001.  Born in Germantown, PA in 1935.    Was also in the sequel "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" as an extra.   Source:
Lauren Tom- "Trish(on left)/Sherry(on right)"

If you ever watch King of the Hill, you probably know about Minh, the Hill's next door neighbor.  What you may not know is that Lauren Tom plays her!  On the show "Rocket Power," she plays double role as the voices of Trish and Sherry!  Talk about hard work!   She has starred in the series "Batman Beyond" and has guest starred on many WB shows, like Teen Titans and Batman.

Source:, and credit to them for the picture of Lauren Tom.