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Rocket Power: Gettin' Air
System: Game Boy Color
Released: 2001
Summary:  The Rocket Gang has to compete in 4 different events, on 8 levels.  Otto on his rollerblades, Reggie on her snowboard, Twister on his bike, and Sam surfing.  There are even appearances by Ray and Tito.

Rated: E for Everyone

Aaron's Grades:
Graphics: B-   As far as Game Boy Color games go, don't expect too much for graphics.  Nice coloring of the waves and Madtown.   Not too shabby at all, the characters could look a little more realistic, but hey, what do you expect from an 8-bit game?

Gameplay:  B+   Once you get the hang of things, even for a 5 year old, it is easy to control and do moves.  All you have to do is press up or down on the Control Stick and the A or B button.  Very simple.

Fun Factor:  A-   It is simple enough for even the youngest of people to master, and it is a fun 10 minute thing too do.  Nothing tricky at all.

Lasting Value:  D   Just too short of a game and the stages are too short.  It took me only 15 minutes to beat the game.  Good for a play while your on a bus somewhere, but nothing special.

Overall: C   Unlike Ashley said at Rocket Power Party, the game really doesn't suck at all, but it really isn't that great either.  It is merely average, not bad, not good.  Then again, it's only Game Boy Color, so you can't really get much out of it, can you?