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Talespin was one of my favorites growing up.  It was a show based in the 1930s in the town of Cape Suzette with a pilot Baloo and his sidekick Kit Cloudkicker.  Together, they travelled miles and miles in the sky fighting Don Karnage and his baddies.   It was one of the greatest shows ever and words can't describe it.  With Lee's blessing, I got some screengrabs for this small tribute page.  Enjoy!

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Baloo the Bear- He owned his own pilot business until it went bankrupt and the deed was sold to a business woman named Rebecca Cunningham and renamed the place "Higher for Hire". While Baloo is a great pilot, his schemes to get rich and procrastinating ways drive those around him crazy.  He is definitely obsessed with the Sea Duck, which is his pride and joy, his plane, his baby.


Kit Cloudkicker- One of my absolute favorite characters of all time.  He is Baloo's trusty navigator.   Fearless, strong, and brave, in my opinion he is the heart of the show.   Growing up, he was an orphan that was trying to survive on the streets of Cape Suzette, where later Don Karnage, leader of the pirates, persuaded him to join them.   After that, he realized that Karnage was no good and met Baloo.   For someone that is 12 years old, he has the maturity of an adult(at times) and always seems polite around Rebecca, calling her "Miz Cunningham".  His biggest hobby is cloudsurfing, where he takes a rope from the Sea Duck and flies among the clouds.


Rebecca Cunningham- As her name implies, she is a very savvy businesswoman that owns Hire for Higher,  who is interested in one and one thing: clients!  She is very driven to succeed and sometimes clashes with Baloo over what needs to be done.   Her temper can be funny to those that don't feel her wrath, but not so funny to those who 'get it'.


Louie- Easygoing, party-loving owner of Louie's, a resturant establishment.   He has been best friends with Baloo for many, many years, and would not give up his establishment for anything.


Don Karnage- Leader of the Air Pirates and the main villian in the show.  Karnage at one time had Kit Cloudkicker under his wing, until he didn't want to do anything with Karnage.  A bit charming at times, he also can be ruthless with his plans to take over Cape Suzette.   That being said, one of the funniest villians ever.   A 'gentleman among thieves'.


Molly Cunningham- The daughter of Rebecca Cunningham.  She is very adventerous for a 5 year old and has a hard time staying out of trouble, as evidenced the time Kit babysat her.


Wildcat-  The goofy, lovable, mechanic for "Hire for Hire".  If you don't like Wildcat, then you got a problem.  He may be clueless at times, but he sure does know a wrench from a socket!  Sure, he's dimwitted, but who says nice guys finish last?  With Wildcat, it's nice guys finish first!