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"The Big Day"
Length: 60 minutes
Aired- July/Aug 2004
Voice Actors(credit to

Otto Rocket- Joey Ashton
Reggie Rocket- Shayna Fox
Twister Rodriguez- Gilbert Leal
Sam Dullard- Sean Marquette
Lars Rodriguez- Lombardo Boyar
Ray Rocket- John Kassir
Tito Makani-Ray Bumatai
Brooks Almy-Mommi
Kim Mai Guest- Noelani
Shaun White- As himself
Daniel Stark(make a wish kid)- As himself

Summary- The Big Day takes place after the Rocket Gang leaves Hawaii, and plans for the wedding.  Of course, there's an extreme sports building, called "Zero Gravity Zone," and in 6 days, all of gang will compete for a prize, namely to train with extreme sports pro, Shaun White.

However, there is a hitch in that plan, as Mommi decides to move the wedding from 2 weeks to 6 days, the same day as Zero Gravity Zone.   Otto and the boys decide to try and move it, but eventually, the wedding is called off, due to Reggie and Otto talking about how Noelani will NEVER be their mom.

Of course, this drives Noelani to tears.  Then, the day of ZGZ hits, will Otto make the right decision and try to convince Noelani that they want her as a stepmom?

The movie is the fourth in the series, and Shaun White(and the Make a Wish Kid) makes the guest star appearance go up to currently 8, probably the most for any cartoon series on Nickelodeon.  There is no DVD or VHS for this.