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"Island of the Menehune"
TV debut: July 20, 2004
On DVD and VHS July 27, 2004.
Length: 85 minutes, DVD has 3 bonus episodes

Summary:  The Rocket Gang meets up with Tito's family, and Ray is going to get married!  Mrs. Rocket's name is finally revealed as Dani and we get a glimpse of her in this movie!   How will Otto and Reggie handle Ray getting married?  And will the dream vacation become a nightmare?   Voices include:  Joseph Ashton(Otto), Sean Marquette(Sam), Gilbert Leal(Twister), Shayna Fox(Reggie), Matthew-Stephen Liu(Keoni).

Characters(voice actors in parentheses)

Mommi(Brooks Almy)- Tito's annoying cuz who tries to get Ray to marry some women.  Ray said he wasn't interested, and ran into an old friend Noleani, who's friends with Ray Rocket's, wife Dani.

Dani Rocket- Ray's wife and Otto and Reggie's mom.   Expert scuba diver.  Obviously a good prankster, as shown in the movie. Voiced by Shayna Fox.

Noleani Makani(Kim Mai Guest)- One of Tito's cousins and Dani's friends.  Ray falls in love with her and becomes a 'mother' figure to the Rocket siblings.  Will they resent the notion?  Is afraid of water, due to an incident a long time back.

Leilani(Tinashe Kachingwe)- Keoni's cousin, seems to know well of the Menehune legends, and tells it to Twister, who becomes paranoid. She gives out little hints that she is in love with Twister.  Who are the Menehune, and what are their purpose?

The Menehune- Small island spirits that like to cause havoc on those who live on their islands. They like to steal personal belongings and cause mischief.  Are they for real, or is it just a hoax?