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Characters for Reggie's Big Break

-  The ignorant and busy girl who's head of the whole break idea gives Reggie her big shot at stardom, but it tweaks Otto so much that it's likely that Otto will do anything to destroy Reggie's fame.

Willy Santos
- One of the pro skateboarders in the movie.  Is said to do kickflips for good luck before he does every run.  His specialty is street skating.

Andy Macdonald
-  Another pro skater in the movie, turned pro in 1994.  Toughest move was an inverted aerial 540.

- A pink, spiked hair girl that Twist and Sam try to keep getting her autograph.  In the end, there's a surprise for both of them, something they never expected.


Summer's here at Ocean Shores, and things are heating up.  After looking at Twister's tape, a channel company decides to go to Ocean Shores.  Otto has looked forward to this for a long time, but gets grounded for not helping Ray at the Shack by trying to nail the 009 on the ramp.  A 009 is an inverted 900.  While Otto is suffering, Reggie gets noticed by Crystal and gets all the fame, while Sam and Twister try to search for Shaffika.  Will fame split up Otto and Reggie, or will it bring them closer together? Let's just say, the sibling rivalry is heating up, and emotions will get out of control.
Lyrics to "Get Dancing" (from MASTERNC)
Verse 1:
I got lots of screaming people all over the world,
But when I'm kickin with my homies I'm a regular girl.
If you want my love don't need to travel the town:
just get the DJ on my mix and show me you can get down!
We got a beat, so get on your feet.
Let's get dancin'! Let's get dancin'!
We know the score, so get on the floor.
Let's get dancin'! Get dancin'!
Verse 2:
People used to say I was some kind of disgrace,
but now my funky style is bustin' out all over the place.
We've got girls in the front, we've got all the boys in the back.
We've got a DJ on the beat so you can find your way back.