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Sarah(Spongebob Shrine)- Thank you for the great buttons you gave me, and for being such a great friend!

Miguel Chavez- Thank you for giving me all that cool stuff(the backpack, DVD), and for being a great friend!

Laura- What can I say about you, except we've been through it all.  I am better because of you.   God has truly blessed me by having you as one of my closest friends.

Scott-  Wow, your sense of humor has never ceased to amaze me.  I wish you the best in marriage!

Brittani-  Thanks for all the cool layouts!  I am so glad we made up and are friends again!   You made a big difference!

Mandi-  What can I say?  You have done a great job for Rocket Power Heat!  I am happy to be your friend!  Here's to many more years of fun! :)

Krystal- Your bravery to overcome cystic fibrosis and living life to the fullest is inspiring.  You are welcome to  come back to Rocket Power Heat anytime!

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