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By Mandi "Twister"

To have a dad, yet there is no mom
To surf a lot and just have fun
To ride our boards from place to place
To see a smile upon your face

We have no worries, we have no cares
All we can do is have no fear
Not like others, indeed we're not
We have something special, we've got a lot

The best friends I could ask for
My family's true
The sand is yellow, but the sky's clear blue
The waves keep crashing, there's quite a swell

Let's get our boards and ride well
If you beef it, that's okay
Because we're all friends here anyway
It doesn't matter if you're younger, or I'm old

Since all that matters is how we roll
We're not like others
Oh no we're not
We've got something special, yes quite a lot

Through thick and thin
We'll never part
Through day and night, through light and dark
Your brother's crew gets us afraid

But we can manage, anyway
My brother fights
He fights so well
Even for his size, he's quite a tale

Yes he is picky, and bossy too
But he's just him, what can you do?
He's such a leader, and does it fine

He may seem nosy, but just at times
Still I love him, and you do too
We're always buds, through and through
And when it's rough, we hang on tight

Because we know this crew will be alright
Now you are smart, and so prepared
When you can't make it, you still prevail
You don't give up, despite harsh words

You have a tendency to be the joke

I think it's mean, and just won't work
A terrific goalie, you play a lot
The boy from Kansas who's learned a lot

Now you are goofy, just so na´ve
But still you're nice, on every scene
You are quite gullible, this I hate
But still so funny, you take the cake

Often slow, but still alright
Follow my brother, just hang on tight

He is tricky, but you'll be fine
But please don't be him, at any time
Just be yourself, that's okay
It makes you awesome, just every day

My brother's skills
Take on a flight
He has the power
He'll be alright

Now as for me, I'm just the girl
The girl who writes, the girl who fights
I know what's best, I know what's right
Yet I'm still young, I have a life

I'm so prepared, with all my might
So yeah I'm tall, so yeah I'm old
But not enough to be so bold
There's lots to learn

There's lots to do I'm Rocket girl, who are you?