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Because You Live

One rainy morning in Ocean Shores Otto, Twister, Krystal, Reggie, and Sam woke up to books scattered all around them.
Otto: Man, I'm still sleepy.
Krystal: Yep.
Twister: Seriously.
They all wiped the sleepy out of their eyes and started folding the blankets. They were studying all night for their end of the six weeks tests, they called a benchmark test.
Sam: Maybe we studied enough for our tests.
Krystal: Hope so. If I get one more failing grade, I'll get grounded, and I don't want to be grounded.
Otto: Me too.
Sam: We need to get ready for school or we'll be late.
They all got ready for school and skated off to school in the rain.
Krystal: Race you Otto!
Otto: You're on.
Krystal started speeding up.
Reggie: Krystal slow down, you're going to crash!
It was too late. Krystal hit her head on the dumpster behind the school and was knocked out.
Otto: Krystal! Oh my, gosh!
Twister: Krystal!
They all ran over to Krystal's aid.
Sam: She is still breathing, that's a good sign.
They started calling her name several times.
Reggie: I'll go get the nurse.
Sam: Let's pick her up and carry her inside.
Otto: I got her.
Sam: You sure you can carry her by yourself?
Otto: I'm sure.
Otto scooped her up in his arms. He could feel her breath against his neck as he walked up the stairs to the front of the school.
Twister opened the doors for Otto and they walked in the clinic as the nurse, Mrs. Scogin, was about to walk out the door of the clinic.
Mrs. Scogin: Thank-you for bringing her to me boys. Twister, go call 911 for an ambulance, Reggie, Sam, Otto y'all can go to class, and thank-you.
Otto: I can't go to class; I want to stay with Krystal and Twister.
Mrs. Scogin: Okay, but you really need to be in class. Okay, Otto, go in the conference lounge and fill this bag with a couple of ice cubes.
Otto: Okay.
Otto went and got the ice, and Mrs. Scogin told him to put the ice under her head. Twister went back into the clinic and told the nurse the ambulance was on their way. They put Krystal on a stretcher and put her in the ambulance van. They said only one could ride in the van.
Otto: Twister, you go, she's your sister.
Twister: But she's your girlfriend.
Otto: Go Twister. I'll be there at the hospital after school.
Twister: Okay bro.
He got in the van and they closed the doors and headed to the hospital. Mrs. Scogin had already called Sandy and Raul Rodriguez.
They were at the hospital by the time the ambulance had arrived. They took her to the emergency room and the doctor examined her while Sandy, Raul, Twister, and Lars waited in the waiting room. The doctor walked in the waiting room.
Dr. Cahill: Sandy, Raul, Krystal hit her head pretty hard. She's in a coma right now. My estimation, it will last about three week’s minimum.
Sandy started crying and Raul wrapped his arms around her. Twister put his hands in his pants pocket and left the room to go walk around and to get a drink from the coke machine. Time seemed to go by really slowly for Otto. All of Krystal's friends went up to Otto and asked him where
Krystal was. One of Krystal's closest friends, Gina, stayed with Otto all day and went with him to the hospital after school. Twister was standing outside of the hospital when Otto and Gina walked up to him. Otto and Twister did their handshake and Gina hugged Twister. Suddenly a voice behind them called out their names. They turned around and saw Kat and Frank running up to them.
Frank: We wanted to check on her.
Kat: How is she Twister?
Twister: She's in a coma right now.
Otto walked away from the group and headed to the gift shop to pick out some flowers and a get well card. He was crying. Twister told him the room number and the lady at the counter assured Otto Krystal would receive it in a couple of hours. Frank talked Otto into taking a walk around the hospital and talk to take their minds off of Krystal for a while.
Frank: Krystal and I went out eighth grade year, how long have you and her been going together?
Otto: About two years now. I didn't know you and her went out at one time.
Frank: Yea. She told me you two broke up because y'all weren't ready for a relationship at the time and you two hadn't tried again.
Otto: Yep. We got together during the summer.
Jason: Hey Otto, Frank. How is Krystal?
Otto: In, in, in a.
Frank: She's in a coma.
Otto turned around to hide his tears. Jason wiped away a few tears.
Frank: Come on guys, she'll pull through this. She's always pulled through everything she has ever faced. Am I right?
They sat on the sidewalk. Every one of the guys had been in love with Krystal at one point. Otto was still in love with her and they were going out.
Secretly Jason and Frank still had feelings for Krystal.
Otto: I'm going to see if I can see her now. Later.
Frank: Later.
Jason: Later, bro.
Otto went inside the hospital and went to Krystal's room. They let him in for fifteen minutes. He walked over to her bedside and sat in the chair beside her bed. A few tears streamed down his cheeks as her looked at all the IV's and the breathing support. He took her hand and held it. He remembered on of Krystal's favorite Jesse McCartney song, "Because you live," he stared singing it quietly. He just knew somehow she could hear that song. It was still raining, and he could hear her voice in his mind calling out his name.
"Staring out in the rain with a heavy heart.
It's the end of the world in your mind.
Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call.
I've been looking for the answer, somewhere; I couldn't see that it was right there.
But now I know what I didn't know.
Because you live and breathe cause you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help me. Because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky."
Otto: Krystal if I knew you would have crashed and hit your head, I would have never had raced you. Please don't leave me here on earth alone. I need you.
You get me, you make me happy, and you teach me things everyday.
He kissed her hand and put it up to his face and let tears fall down his face. Otto got up and headed to the waiting room again.
Otto: Twister, I'm going home now, okay.
Twister: Okay, see you later, bro.
Otto headed home, but he didn't want to be at home alone. He went to J.T.'s house.
J.T.: Hey Otto, what’s up? Where is Krystal? Have you been crying?
Otto: Krystal's in a coma in the hospital and yea I've been crying because I'm worried I may lose her.
J.T. started crying too. He loved Krystal and would do anything for her.
Otto: Can I stay the night?
J.T.: Sure.
Otto: Thanks bro.
The next few days were depressing. Otto cried at school, Reggie was quiet all the time, Sam didn't get straight A's like he usually did, and Twister kept falling asleep during class cause he would stay up all night watching Krystal's condition worsen with each passing day.
Twister: Otto, I don't think Krystal's going make it out of this coma.
Otto: Yes she will, you'll see.
Twister: The doctor gave my mom and dad a choice to keep the life support or pull the plug. They decided to pull the plug tomorrow.
Otto: They can't! She'll make it.
Otto ran out of the school building and ran all the way to the hospital.
Otto: Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez, you can't pull the plug, she'll make it. I know it.
Mrs. Rodriguez: I don't think so Otto dear, she's not responding. But you have till tomorrow at noon to get her to respond to you.
Otto: Thanks.
He ran to Krystal's room and sat by her bed. He took her hand in his and started talking to her.
Otto: Krystal, squeeze my hand. Squeeze my hand. Please, squeeze it. If you don't the doctor is going pull the plug on you.
He put his head on the bed while still holding Krystal's hand and started crying. He eventually cried himself to sleep. The next morning Krystal started to move a little bit. She opened her eyes and looked around. Otto woke up when Krystal moved her hand.
Otto: Huh? Krystal?
Krystal: What baby?
Otto: You're awake, you're awake. Oh my god.
Otto hugged her and called for a nurse and a doctor. The doctor came in and examined her.
Dr.Cahill: Krystal, you gave us all quite a scare.
Krystal: Sorry.
They took the oxygen tube out of her mouth and the brain monitor, but left the heart monitor on her and the I.V.'s. Otto walked up to Krystal.
Otto: The doctor said you can go home in three days, but you'll have to sleep with the heart monitor for a while.
Krystal: Were you singing my favorite Jesse McCartney song?
Otto: Yes, the first day you were here. How'd you know?
Krystal: I may have been sleeping but I could still hear. I saw the light and I walked into it.
Otto: Why didn't you stay?
Krystal: From up there, I saw you and you were really upset, and I couldn't stand the thought of leaving you and everybody else. Especially you.
Otto wiped a few tears away from his cheek, and smiled at his best friend and girlfriend.
Otto: I'm glad you came back sweet-thing.
Krystal: Me too baby.
A couple days later Krystal went home and things went back to normal, well at least some things anyway.
"It's alright, I'm alive again. Cause of you I made it through every storm. What's life, what's the use if you're a kid inside? I'm so glad I found an angel someone who was there when all my hopes fell. I want to fly looking through your eyes. Because you live and breathe because you make me believe in myself when nobody else could help me.  Because you live girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky. Because you live, I live. Because you live there's a reason why I carry on when I lose the fight I want to give what you've given me always. Because you live and breathe cause you make me believe in myself when nobody else could help me Because you live girl my world has twice as many stars in the sky Because you live and breath cause you make me believe in myself when nobody else could help because you live girl my world has everything I need to survive Because you live I live I live."
After a couple of weeks everything got back to normal.
Reggie: was always competing. She kept a close eye on Krystal for the longest time. She never let her out of her sighte.
Sam: got straight A's as he normally did. He too kept a close eye on Krystal.
Twister: caught up on his sleep and got a weeks' worth of detention for falling asleep in class. As usual, being the big brother he was, he kept a close eye on Krystal as well.
Otto: Normal as usual, competitive, but he was mindful of what the weather condition was when he raced someone, and he was just as sarcastic as usual.
He kept a closer eye on Krystal than he normally did. He loved Krystal and hoped to marry her someday.

And last but not least:

Krystal: got stronger with each passing day she was out of the hospital. She returned to school two weeks later and now is drawing skateboarding again.
She is playing soccer on her high school's junior varsity team. Basically enjoying all the things she used to before her injury.
Otto and Krystal still go out. Reggie and Twister still go out and also Sam and Trish started going out again. J.T. is still crushing on Krystal and going after all the girls he can.

       The End!!!

-Krystal Guin