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1) It was, in December 1998 going to be called "Rocket Beach", announced in the Nickelodeon press release.
2) One of the covers on Nickelodeon's 20th birthday was that of none other than Reggie Rocket.
3)  That Shayna Fox(voice of Reggie) has produced a couple of short films herself.
4) That Joseph Ashton's(voice of Otto) birthday is on November 18th?
5) That the producers had a member from Surfer Magazine
to show how extreme sports work in real life?
6) That the show won an award for the episode "Radical New Equipment?"
7) That Joseph Ashton was a soccer star at his high school and played abroad?
8) That Joseph has an older brother named Matthew, who played in Batman Beyond?
9)  Gary LeRoi Gray(Sam Dullard) played in Even Stevens.
10) That Joseph played the part of Billy Coleman in Where the Red Fern Grows?
11)  From Angela:  That Lombardo Boyar's (voice of Lars) birthday is December 1st?
12)   That Joseph Ashton's birth name was actually Joseph Ashton Valencia?
13)  That the voice actor of Tito made his home in Hawaii?
14) That Shayna Fox's(Reggie) parents are Jewish American?
15) The reason for the "N" on The Squid's shirt is because he was originally supposed to be from New York.
16) From Scott: I found that Ulises Cuadra(aka Twister Rodriguez) read the role of character Eusebeio Vargas  for the 2005 combat game SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs - Fireteam Bravo.
17) That Joseph Ashton is now the current coach of a soccer team?
18) That Joseph Ashton made a cameo appearance in the Disney hit show, Smart Guy?
19) That Joseph Ashton's parents are of Cherokee heritage?
20) That in the episode in "All About Sam" that Josh's last name is actually Grody?
21) That actor David Berry did BOTH Josh and Ralph's voices?
22) Singer Aaron Carter made an appearance on the show as Clutch in the episode "Legends and their Falls".
23) From Mike: The voice actor for the Spanish version of the show is Laura Torres, who is of Mexican nationality.
From Laura:
-the guy who does the voice for Tito did a voice in one of the "What's New, Scooby Doo" episodes?
-Johnny Kassir (the voice of Raymundo) was on "The Amanda Show"?
-on the show, Twister's voice cracked when Ulysses Cuadra's voice cracked, THEN they had an episode where Twister cracked his voice, and then they replaced the actor who voiced Twister and his voice was high pitched again?
-David Gallagher did the voice for Oliver?
-Ulysses Cuadra Sr. did the voice of Old Twister on the episode where they had to clean the beach?
-Sputz's last name is Ringley?
-in the episode "Ice Queens", they show Otto yelling for Reggie, but it's Twister's voice?
-Ocean Shores is a real city in California and the Pier looks just like it does in the show?
-Shanya Fox (Reggie) does the voice for Savannah on "All Grown Up"?
-Lars's age was never revealed on the show.
If you have any little known facts about Rocket Power, the actors, or anything else, please
email me!