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Welcome to Mandi's Musings!  Feel free to drop me a line at anytime at! Rocket Power means the world to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!  I hope you enjoy my writings!  |Manda|


   Hello again RPH fans and visitors! I'm back and totally ready to start more projects and as always, keep talking Rocket Power. Sorry I haven't updated much, I have been so busy... do you think the characters would have ever had such rough times towards the ends of their school year? Probably they would.. but they wouldn't care. A true Rocket Power fan knows if there's one thing that can totally help in these stressful times, it's having fun, kicking back,  and chillin with your best friends... what else would be that good?
   Also, I have some news... my cousin's girlfriend is going to have a baby boy! They're getting married soon and I'm so excited! Personally, in my family we all get along great... my cousins and I are inseperable (although sometimes it may not seem that way). I bring this up because in Rocket Power family is such an important thing. I think in life it is too... and expecially if you hang out with family members your own age, like a brother, sister, or cousin. Aloha!!!

     Thanks for visiting my page/ Gracias mis amigos!--- Mandi

   Hey there, and welcome again to Mandi's Musings! Let me just say that I've always loved Rocket Power from the start. It's always been one of my favorite things and always will be! When I was little I would watch it all the time, it totally inspired me to do my best and to just have fun doing it! Now I can rollerblade and do sweet tricks, skateboard, and this summer me and a friend did surfing--- it was so intense!
   Although I'm rather new to the site, I'm still an old fan of Rocket Power.
   I always have been able to relate to the characters, especially Twister (he's my favorite of the bunch). Kind of naive/ gullible, latino, sometimes has his bright moments, totally loves his best friends, and even his kind of style reminds me of me!
           Thanks for reading/ muchas gracias!--- Mandi

   Hola mis amigas/ amigos! First off, I wanted to say that to this date I have around 23 total works/ pictures I have made about Rocket Power, which I know isn't enough just yet but soon (hopefully) I'll have tons more! I would so love to hear any comments or ideas, etc for future works on RP... just send me an email at the link abovve ^ ^ ^
   Also, I'm in the midst of writing more poems and stories abour RP but hearing other people's great ideas really helps too.
                   Gracias, hasta luego!---Mandi

   Hola! Once again, thank you for visiting my musings page. I'd just lke to say that today I have many ideas and sudden inspirationsI thought I should share.
   First off, I had updated my fanart page recently and I made a Reggie Rocket intro icon and put it next to Twisters icon.
   I also would love to thank Aaron since I recently just re-read the Rocket Christmas article (and I loved every bit of's amazing). I have to say, he did an
amazing job creating it.
   One thing quite obvious to anyone who knows me even the slightest bit is I love Twister's character probably the best, but I still love all the characters equally. It's just I think his character is so niave sometimes that it's hilarious. It reminds me of a friend I have too (almost exact personality wise and more...haha)
   I hope to write more Rocket Power poems/ stories, etc. and obviously create some insanely mad ideas and concepts I can hopefully contribute to RPH.
   I'll update soon and thanks for reading...hasta luego!--- Manda

     Hola, and welcome back to Mandi's Musings! Today I thought I'd just talk a little about the holidays since they are approaching so quickly. First things first, I have a new RP painting I made but my computer's been spazing and such so I cannot upload it myself...  : (
   Anyway, the holidays are so spectacular and I especially thought so in "A Rocket X-Mas" which is totally one of my favorites. Best part for me? That'd so have to be the dog walking scenes... apparently the Rockets had a lot to do in order to buy their dad that cool surf board.
     Also, I thought the whole design for Ocean Shores looked good in a whole Christmas theme. It really brought the holiday cheer, don't you think?
     I don't know about all of you Rocket Power fans out there, but I know I'm totally going to watch "A Rocket X-Mas" before Christmas. What a way to start feeling the warmth Christmas brings!
     Gracias amigos/ amigas/  Thank you friends--- Mandi

   Hi, it's me! I just thought I'd  update my musings page today because I have a lot to talk about and yet so little time!
   Well, first I got a new puppy named Dani. I mention her because well, Dani reminds me of Dani Rocket in a sense, but there are so many reasons why.
   Also, I was Twister this past Halloween! It was so much fun! The pictures are horrible but it was still fun to portray hi.m.
   Also, I've made a new Twister/ Reggie picture...I always thought of them as a cute couple! I know a lot of people who think mostly of Twister/ Reggie pairings and some that favor Sam/ Reggie parings (or the classic Trent/ Reggie pairing), it's all just so cute!
   If you want to talk "parings" about any of the  characters for the fun of it, feel free to drop me a line at,
  I love to hear all these ideas and other people's ideas on Rocket Power.
   Currently I'm in the process of creating new projects all on Rocket Power. My new ideas for these all came from my amazaing friends who inspired me beyond belief, including Aaron. He gave me a great idea for a new picture (includes Otto with an earring from beginning sequence). I hope to finish this all up soon... we'll have to wait and see!
   Thanks! C'ya friends!/ Gracias, hasta luego amigos!---  Mandi

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