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Losers Weepers/Reggie: The Movie-  The gang finds a cool new board called "The Whompmaster when it falls out of a truck.  Will they return it, or will someone get hurt? /Reggie sees a scary movie called "Sharkenstien"   Will this affect her performance in the surf contest?
Summer Breezy/Sammy's Fortune-  Breezy returns to Ocean Shores to have the gang test out her new equipment.  When they find out that the equipment is lame, will they tell Breezy the truth, or will someone get hurt?  /A fortune teller tells Sam that he is indestructible, and starts to throw caution to the wind.  Will that come back to haunt him?
Merv Links to Otto/Big Air-  Otto breaks his bike, and Merv does it for a price...Otto wakes up and has to be Merv's caddy for a day and will miss the sports convention.  Will this be the lamest day in Otto's life, or will he find out that golfing isn't as uncool as it seems? /Sammy has a bad asthma attack.  Can  he convince the gang that he can still do extreme sports, or will the gang take it easy on him and feel sorry for his condition?
Missle Crisis/Falsely Alarmed:  The gang heads to Mount Baldy for an extreme biking competition, there Reggie meets her biking idol Missy "The Missle," will this bring a change in Reggie's attitude, since the gang says she's boring, or will she find out that being 'boring' Reggie isn't so bad? /Twister dares Otto into pulling the fire alarm, and runs away.  When Lars is by the fire alarm, everyone suspects it is him.  Will Twister and Otto confess, or will they make Lars suffer for something he didn't even do?
Twist of Fate- The gang goes to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for some intense mountain biking.  When Ray and Tito are too slow to catch up to the gang, they decide to go off path.  With that, they face great danger.   Will Twister's skills learned by Gung-Ho Gopher be useful, or will Twister be a joke again?
New Girl on the Block/Aftershock(NEW!)

Reggie meets up with a new girl, named Carla, who can really, really shred.  But Otto seems really suspicious of her and the gang decides to spy on her.  When Reggie finds out a secret about her, will Carla find out and will the two remain friends? / An earthquake hits Ocean Shores, and Otto and Twister decide to go to an indoor skating park.  Will they bite off more than they can chew?