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The Lingos/Shack Attack:  The Rocket Gang comes up with new lingo after  shoobies steal their old lingo./ Ray sells the Shore Shack, but will the Rocket Gang accept the change?

To Be Otto, Not To Be/Reggie/Regina:  Otto hangs with surf bums, or "sole surfers."  He has to choose between them and his friends./ Reggie meets Trent, a kid from New Zealand...Reggie acts unusual to get his affection...will it work?

Reggie's Pen Is Mightier.../Kayaks Amok:  Reggie does a contest in her Zine for Ocean Shores' best athlete, but the contest becomes into people to do favors for Reggie...will she make it right?/ The gang kayaks in the Catalina Classic to see Ray and Tito race...and the gang gets lost...this spells trouble for the gang!

Tito Sitting/There's Something About Breezy:  After Ray leaves, Tito is in charge of the gang...will Tito let them get away with everything...or be too strict?

Less Than Full Otto/Card Sharked:  After Otto wipes out surfing...he gets scared of extreme sports...can Rocket Boy overcome this?/Otto cheats Twister out of his Rhino Card...and Twister gets mad...can they still be best bros?

Home Sweet Home/What a Tangeled Web We Ski:  Skatetopia opens, does the Rocket Gang think it is as cool as its advertised, and is it game over for Conroy?/ Ralph challenges Otto to a freestyle skiing contest between their fathers.  Will Ray chicken out?

Enter the Hawk-Trix/Vert Vs. Street:  The gang meets Tony Hawk to try to talk him out of retirement./Reggie likes street skating and Otto likes vert, will this split up the Rocket Gang for good?

Twister's Hat/Tito-Thon:  Twister loses his hat on the coaster.  Will he find it and will he be the same without it?/Tito watches over the gang after Ray leaves, will the gang take advantage of Tito, or will Tito lay down the law?

Twisting Places/Power Play:  Lars can't   bully Twister, if he wants to play in the hockey tournament, will Twist take advantage of Lars?/ The gang meets the NHL-All Stars...

Sim Sammy/Otto Hangs 11:  Sammy makes a computer game mocking about his friends, will they forgive him? / Otto wants to turn pro at 11, does this mean he's giving up his friends?

Less than Full Otto/Card Sharked- Otto is afraid of extreme sports after wiping out during a surf session.  Can he overcome his fear? / Otto rips off the Rhino Card from Twister for a blank piece of cardboard.  Will Otto learn his lesson?

Major Scrummage/Snowbounders- Trent teaches the gang rubgy, except for Reggie.  How will Reggie respond? /A snowstorm hits Ocean Shores!  What's the gang going to do?

Beach Boyz and A Girl- The gang decides to start a band inspired by Ray and Tito's hit 'Surftown.'  Their band is called No Worries, but when they find out they are bad at singing, Sam tries to make a remix of the song, but it seems that the fame is getting to the gang, will this break apart the gang for good?

X-treme ideas- A contest is being held by the Extreme Sports Network and Otto and the gang decide to enter it by inventing up some new extreme sport.  The first place winner gets to show a demo on the ESN, can Otto come up with an invention that shows his awesomeness, or will he flop?

Cinco De Twister/Saving Lt. Ryan- Will Twister be able to correct his voice for the Cinco De Mayo Concert, or will it end in disaster?!/ Tice lets all the rules go, how will the beach fare without any rules?

Rad Rover Come Over/Extreme Nerd-  The Rockets find an extreme dog and name him Ollie after Otto busts a few tricks, but will the Rocket siblings be able to hide the dog forever from Raymundo, who hates dogs?  Don't count on it!/ Sam enters a robot challenge against Oliver as he creates his robot Zagron, will he be able to defeat Oliver's Robinator, or will it end up in the trash like in the last three times they faced each other?

Reggie's Big Break- A committee picks Ocean Shores as it's hot spot.  When Otto gets grounded for not helping Ray and Reggie gets all the fame, will this break the two apart for good?  And will Sam and Twister get to meet Shaffika?  Or will this vacation turn into a bust?  Find out!