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Rocket Repairs/Say Hello to Cement Head:  The Rockets start their own skateboarding business, will the money corrupt Otto?/ Twister ruins Conroy's new vert ramp...will Conroy forgive him?

Shark Bait/A Shot in the Park:  Otto and Twister play a joke to get rid of shoobies/Twister loses his camera.

Radical New Equipment/Tito's Lucky Shell:  Reggie meets Lizzie, an awesome disabled snowboarder/ The Rocket gang believes the shell has superpowers.

Longest Day/Ottoman and The Sea:  The Rocket gang challenges Lars' gang for a spot on the Wall of Fame/ Otto gets the gang stranded in the middle of the ocean while fishing.

Mr. B is in the house/Earnest Otto:  Conroy is Otto and Twister's new teacher, will they take advantage of him?/ Otto breaks his surfboard and has to wash a week's worth of dishes to earn a new one.

The Goodhousekeeping Seal/What's That Smell?:  Twister befriends a seal/ the Rocket Gang cleans up the beach.

Legends and Their Falls/Welcome to Ottoworld:  Otto's family surfs against surfing legends/The gang tries to decide what to put in the time capsule.

Bruised Man's Curve/Pool's Out Forever:  Lars challenges Otto to a mountainboard race...will it be too much for Rocket Boy to handle?/Eddie has a new pool...

The Back Bowl/Game Day:  Otto and Twister snowboard in forbidden territory and get lost the whole day/Otto creates a new game:  Rocket Ball.

It Came From Planet Merv/Netherworld Night:  Otto and Twist think Merv is an alien invader/Debut of Eddie's parents.

Here's The Twist/Sam:King of Kickball:  Twister sings in the choir?/Otto picks Sam last, but Sam turns out to be better at kickball...will Sam and Otto still be friends?

Tito Time/The Return of Cleo:  Tito gets a week off of work from the Shack to hang with the gang.  But is too much of a good thing a bad thing?/ Clio shows up Otto...can they solve their differences?

That Old Skateboard/Follow the Leader:  Sam gets a new skateboard and rips on it!/ Twister is made captain of the hockey team, will he lead Team Rocket to victory?

Channel Surfing/Outta My Pit!:  There isn't much surfing action @ Rocket Beach, so the gang goes to the channel to surf.  Will the Rocket Gang regret it/Can the Rocket Gang get back their hideout after Lars steals it?

Capture The Flag/The Jinx:  The gang decides to play Capture the Flag @ the pier?  Is it just a friendly contest, or a rivalry between Otto and Reggie?

Hurricane Maurice/Reggie's Choice:  Twister loses his camera in the middle of a hurricane.  Otto and Twister look for it, will this be the end for the two?/Reggie has to make a choice between playing hockey or playing volleyball...

Double O Twistervision/Womp Race 2000:  The gang decides to make a movie/The gang challenges Lars to a race down the California Incline...and will Sam chicken out, or can he prove a thing or two about his skateboarding abilities?