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New Squid on the Block/Down the Drain:  First episode ever!  Sam moves to Ocean Shores;Reggie takes care of Simpleton's pool!

Ice Queens/Secret Spot:  The debut of Clio, will she give Reggie problems?/ The Rocket Gang guards a long-kept secret.

Otto 3000/Night Prowlers:  Otto gets his own snowboard.   Will he sell out to Sno-Mart; The Rocket Gang plays a midnight hockey game.

Happy Luau-Au To You/Rocket Rescue:  Can the gang save Reggie's b-day party, or will it end up a disaster?; Sam and Twister become lifeguards.

Twister's Cuz/Big Thursday:  Twister has to take care of his little cousin; Otto surfs with the Rhino in a storm, will Otto make it?

Rocket Girls/Father's Day Off:  Mrs. Stimpleton & Reggie team up/Can Doug save his son's relationship with Sam?

Powergirl Surfers/Twisted Cinema:  Reggie wants to prove that Girl surfers rip/Twister makes a movie that embarrasses Otto by wiping out, can Twister save his friendship?

Blader Bowl/Total Luger:  Sam gets famous, will it go to his head/Otto cheats Twister...

D is for Dad/Banned on the Run:  Otto gets grounded for bad grades/MadTown is established

Super McVarial 900/Loss of Squid:  Can Otto pull off the hardest skateboard move on earth/Oliver makes his big debut w/Sam

Rainy Days & Sundaes/Zine Dreams:  Will Reggie confess to the syrup incident/Otto and Twister get humiliated by the Zine

Hawaii Blues/Lost and Find:  Tito is homesick/Mackenzie is lost from her parents, will the Rocket Gang help her?

The Night Before/Violet's Violet:  It's Mischief night in Ocean Shores, will the gang get busted?/The gang tries to get Violet another trophy.

Fall & Rise of Sam/Typhoid Sam:  Sam learns to surf and gets Tito's surfboard/Sam needs to build a team, b/c the Rocket Gang is sick...

The Wrath of Don/Safety Patrol Sam:  Is Don really a great skater?/  Will Sam's duties get in the way of friendship?

Reggie and a Net/The Great Sandcastle Race:  Will Reggie's talent in volleyball get in the way of teamwork?/ Will the Rocket Gang beat Oliver's team?

It was a Dark and Stormy Day/Escape from Lars Mountain:  Is Tito a criminal?/ Can Lars trick Twister into a trap, or is Lars the kook that gets fooled?

Aloha Kid/Ottomobile:  Keone comes to Ocean Shores and Otto isn't too happy about him "showing off"/ Tito is sick and the gang needs to cover...and Otto needs to win a contest.  Can he be in 2 places @ once without getting busted?

Big Air Dare/Otto's Big Break:  The gang goes on a forbidden slope/ Can Otto play in a hockey game with a broken leg?

Snow Day/Welcome to the Club:  Sam and Otto cut school to have some fun, while Reggie and Twist are stuck in school.  Will Sam and Otto regret this?/ The Rocket Gang joins an exclusive it really what it's made out to be?

All About Sam/Half Twister:  Josh is introduced into the show, and his last appearance, is he really Sam's best friend?/ Twister beefs it bad on the skateboard ramp, and Otto makes fun of him.  Will Otto apologize to Twister, or is their friendship over?

Twisting Away/Spot Remover: Twister thinks he's moving away, because he digs holes in his parents' backyard, can the Rocket Gang save the day? /  The gang disrespects the locals at Spray Beach, can they earn respect from the locals?

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