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Lingo Dictionary

Aerial(surfing)- when the wave your riding on your board goes above it in the air.
Aggro- Getting aggressive.
Alley Oop(Snow/Surfing)-Turning 180 in an uphill direction.
As if(Gen.)- Yeah right!  No chance of an event happening.
Ate It- Bit the dust, crashed, smashed, blew it.
Awesome- Cool, gnarly, wonderful, great job.

Bail- To escape, leave or disband when the situation calls for immediate retreat.
Backside-(surf/skate/snow)- Turns or rotations in the direction your toes point to, so that your back is facing the outside of the arc...
Backwards Steamroller(biking)-Riding a bike backwards on the front wheel as the backwheel is up in the air.
Beef- A problem with someone, or wiping out while snowboarding or skateboarding.
Beat- Messed up.
Blasted(surfing)- wiping out.
Blindside(snowboarding)- A maneuver in which you have limited visiblity while doing a move.
Blow the park- Leave, bail.
Body Check(hockey)- use of the body to slow down an offensive player.
Bogus- Fake, wrong, lame.
Bonk(Snowboarding)-to hit an object with your board.
Bongo- Get rid of.
Bummer- Disappointment, buzz kill, huge let down.
Bust- Just kidding.
Busted- Caught red handed.

Caballerial(skateboarding)- A halfpipe move beginning with a fakie, a 360 spin, landing forward.
Ca-Ching!(Gen.)-Show me the money!
Catching Oxygen- Catching major air (Verb: Oxygenating).
Chewed beef- A big time wipeout
Corkscrew(snowboarding)- Any air rotation off-axis.
Crank- Leave, ditch.
Critical Section(surfing)-the hardest part of the wave to ride.
Crunch the biscuit- Call it off.

Da Bomb(Gen.)-the best, really great.

Eggplant(snowboarding)- A one handed 180 degree backside rotated invert in which the front hand is planted on the lip of the half pipe wall.
El Rollo(Bodyboarding/skateboarding)- A 360 roll with the lip of the wave.


Fakie(Snowboarding)- Riding backwards.
Flail(Gen.)- Loss of all control.
Flips(skateboarding)- hard flips, kick flips, 360 flips, varials.
Frontside(skate/snow/surf)- turns or rotations in the direction your heels point to outside of the arc.

Goofy-footed(skate/snow/surf)- Riding with the right foot in forward position.
Googly-eyed- Scared.
Googly- Excellent, huge.
Grind(skateboarding)- Sliding along the edge of a wall or other object with the trucks of your board.
Grommet(surf)- A young surfer.

Halfpipe(skate/snow)- wooden ramp built for skating.
Heelflips(skate)- flipping the board w/the heel of the foot while doing an ollie.


Infinity rolls(biking)- Spinning in circles using the momentum of your feet of the back pegs of your bike.

Juicy- Nice, sweet.

Kickflip Ollie(skateboarding)- flip initiated by the toes giving the board a quick kick.
Kook(Gen.)- dork, beginning surfer.

Lame(Gen.)- weak, bad, bland.
Later!(Gen.)- See ya, good bye.
Lip- (surf): The crest of a wave.  (skate/snow): sloping on a ramp or a bowl.
Lull(surfing)- Time between rideable waves.


Maximum Airation- Maximum air.
McTwist(skate/snow)- An inverted aerial with a 540 rotational flip.

Most Kilohana(Tito)- The best.  Most Excellent.

Nolliekickflip(skate)- Ollie off the nose of a skateboard.
Nose(skate)- front of a board.


Ollie(skate)- catching air by popping the tail and kicking the nose.
Ottomatic- Making hard moves look easy and effortless (for Otto).

Poser(Gen.)- Someone who tries too hard to be what they're not.


Rockwalk(bike)- using a backwheel spin in 180 degree cycles.
Reggie-O-Laciousize- Making hard moves look easy and effortless (for Reggie).

Save(hockey)- stop by a goalie.
720 Air(skate/snow)- 720 degree rotation in the air and landing forwards.
Shoobies(beach lingo)- Tourists and beach newcomers that spoil the waves for the locals.
Sick(surf/snow)- Really great.
Silly- Cool.
Stoked(Gen.)- Really happy, excited.

Tail(skate)-back of a skateboard.
Tasty curl- Nice wave.
This sitch got way bummed- This is out of control.
Thrashed(Gen)- Exhausted/damaged
Tight biffs- Persistant attempts.

Wacked(Gen.)- messed up.
Whoa!(Gen.)- Wow!
Wipe out(surf)- See beef.