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1. What's Rocket Power Heat?
Answer:  A great RP site for the greatest show in the history of the whole cartoon universe!

2.  Who's your favorite character?
Answer:  Otto, he rocks!  Great competitive spirit.

3. How long have you run Rocket Power Heat?
Answer: 6 years and still running.

4. What is your favorite episode?
Answer: That would be "A Shot in the Park," because Twister says "Let's see I am here, how'd they know, that's so cool?"

5.  Are you the only Rocket Power site around?
Answer: Unfortunately,  yes.  There were some sites earlier this decade that included Rocket Power Party, Maximum Rocket Power, etc.   This could have been due to the fact that the popularity of the show was waning.

6. What kind of merchandise do you have?
Answer:  I have collected backpacks, keychains, DVDs, toys, skateboards, pillows.

7.  Where can I watch Rocket Power episodes?
Answer: Mainly on, and on Youtube.   Just be careful about uploading videos.

8. Why did you create the site?
Answer:  To let people know how much this show meant to me and my life.  Also, I think it is for the fans who loved this show a lot.

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