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- Age: 11
- Grade: 6th
- Hobby: Skateboarding
- Family: Ray (father), Reggie(sister)
-Quote:  "I am after all, me!"
- Hair: Auburn dreads
-Voice: Joseph Ashton
Otto is a very advanced athlete at the tender age of 11 years old.  His ultra-competitive attitude sometimes gets him into more trouble than it really is worth.   There are times where he teases the Squid about his inability to keep up with him in extreme sports.  His rival includes, Lars Rodriguez, whose brother, Twister is his best friend.

And when Otto goes overboard with being overcompetitive or scheming on something, his sister, Reggie tries to reason with him, usually to no avail.   This is obvious in the episode, "D is for Dad," where Otto gets a bad grade in citizenship, and Reggie warns Otto if he shows dad the grades, he will be banned from the trip.  As it turns out, Reggie was right, and Otto was banned from the trip and had to stay with Mr. Stimpleton.

Part of the trouble is the fact that he thinks he is invincible at times.   Such as in the episode, "Big Thursday," where he tries to surf with the Rhino and nearly got killed as a result.  Perhaps Otto is trying to mask his fear by trying to 'pysch' himself up for whatever comes his way.

He and his sister get into competitive battles to see who is the better Rocket.  In the movie, Reggie's Big Break, Otto is banned from the festivities after not helping Ray out, because he stayed late at a skatepark.  Reggie gets fame, and Otto starts to get really jealous and tries to steal the fame away from her.

All in all, Otto can be hard to deal with, but his determination and will are steadfast!