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Aaron vs. Pi, Lars, and Sputz
Brittani: And welcome to another edition of Rocket Power Deathmatch!  I'm your host, Brittani, and tonight, Aaron and Otto go toe to toe in a 3 on 2 handicap match against Pi, Lars, and Sputz!
Brittani: Oh no!  It's a 3 on 1 assualt on Otto! Lars, Pi, Sputz hammering away on Otto!  Steel chair shot and Otto is down. Now it looks like it is going to be a 3 on 1 match, as they laugh and go to the ring.  We are also backstage from Krystal, who is with Aaron.
Krystal: Aaron, we saw what happened to Otto, are you sure you want to go it alone?  It's three on one we're talking about!
Aaron: I DON'T CARE, Krystal!  All I see are three victims that are going into an ambulance once I get through with them!  *grunts and growls and heads to the ring*
*WCW Goldberg theme hits as Aaron's entrance music*
Announcer: And their opponent, from South Bend, IN, weighing at 185 pounds, he is the 6 time World Heavyweight Champion, Aaron!
Brittani: Aaron looks focused, and is ready to go to battle!
Lars: This should be a cakewalk!
Brittani:  And Aaron charges into the ring!  And a spear to Pi!  And he may be knocked out cold!
Brittani: Sputz comes in with a chair, but he gets kicked in the head by Aaron with it and grabs Pi's head and DDT's him to the canvas!  Wow, all the remains is Lars!  And a low blow by Lars!  The pin! 1, 2..and a kickout!
Brittani: Oh my!  Aaron didn't like that one bit, and he picks up Lars and throws him outside the ring!  Wow!  Now he throws him into the steel steps, and inside the ring!  
Aaron: NO MERCY!!!! *roars*
Brittani: And the crowd is clearly behind Aaron,  Aaron waits, and a SPEAR!!!!   He does a cutthroat gesture, which means it is time for the DDT!  And he plants Lars with a DDT, and the cover, 1, 2, 3!!!!  This crowd is stunned!  Aaron wins this handicap match convincingly!
Aaron: I'm not DONE YET!!!  *picks up Lars and drags him to the announcing table, and clears everything out of the way*
Brittani: Don't tell me!   And Lars goes through the table with a DDT!  This Aaron is a madman on a mission!!!!  And Pi and Sputz, wobbly from those spears, retreat to higher grounds, and live to fight another day!  The moral of the story: Don't mess with Aaron and his friends!  Good fight and good night!