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Amanda: Welcome to Rocket Power Heat Deathmatch, I am your host, Amanda, and tonight we have a great main event for you!  It will be a one on one match between Ocean Shores' Otto Rocket and our own webmaster, Aaron!
Announcer:  He is 18 years old, and hails from Ocean Shores, weighing in at 130 pounds....Otto Rocket!   *cheers ensue*
Amanda: And Otto is getting into the ring, right here, live at Rocket Beach!  And Otto anxiously waits for his long time friend, but opponent, Aaron!
Announcer:  At 28 years old, hailing from South Bend, IN, weighing in at 188 pounds, Aaron! 
Amanda: As people are guessing, Aaron lost about 40 pounds, to get back in ring shape, Otto grew a lot, since the last time these two met, but Aaron has the size advantage.  Let's see if that plays a factor in our match tonight!
*bell rings*
Amanda: And the two exchange handshakes before the match starts and they grapple!  Aaron has Otto in a headlock, and Otto shoves him off the rope and Aaron runs into him with a standing shoulder block!
Aaron: *smiling*  Give up yet, Otto?
Otto: *smirks back* Not on your life!
Amanda: And the two exchange, punch for punch, but neither one seems to be yielding yet!  Aaron does an Irish Whip, and sends Otto into the turnbuckle, but comes back flying and does a flying press on Aaron!  Here's the pin!  1, 2...and a kickout!
Otto:  Give up, Aaron?
Aaron: I've only begun to fight!
Amanda: Otto charges, and right into Aaron's forearm!  Nicely executed clothesline, and Aaron gets the pin, but it is only a two count!  Aaron and Otto tie up, and it seems to be a push between the two gladiators!
Amanda:  And Aaron goes behind and gets a hold of Otto for a nice hammerlock, grabs Otto's torso and releases for a textbook suplex!
Aaron:  *claps with the crowd* Now, that's how you do a suplex!
Amanda:  But Otto gets Aaron from behind with a clothesline and outside of the ring!  Otto runs across the ring apron and flies in the air right into Aaron, a suicide dive! Holy cow!
Amanda: Both men are down, can they make it back into the ring before the count of 10? Let's find out after the commercial!
*commercial airs, then back to live TV*
Amanda: Welcome back to Deathmatch TV, aka DTV, and a classic is unfolding, both men are trading open hand chops!  During the commercial, Aaron barely got back in, as the ref was at a 9 count!
Amanda: Both Aaron and Otto are giving it their all, and Otto knocks down Aaron with and elbow and executes a leg drop!  Unfortunately for Otto, he only gets a two count!  And Otto tries again!  And again just a two count.
Otto: Why wasn't that three, ref?  *climbs turnbuckle*
Amanda:  Otto should have gone back onto the attack right after that 2nd two count, and tries a frog splash, and he MISSES!  Aaron pounces on Otto and 1...2...kickout!!!
Aaron:  *pounds hands to the canvas, and coils like a snake*
Amanda: This can only mean one thing, a DDT is coming, and could be the end for Otto!  Otto staggers back up, Aaron has the head hooked, but Otto shoves Aaron and hits him with his finisher, the missle dropkick!
Otto: I got this one in the bag! *rolls onto Aaron*
Amanda: The ref counts, was that three?!  No, it was like 2 and 3 quarters!
Otto: *argues with the ref again*
Amanda: And Aaron trips up Otto!  Aaron picks up Otto, wrapping his arm around his neck, and DDT!  This is it for Otto!
Amanda:  And what's this?  Lars and his goons attack! Lars, Pi and Sputz!  The LPS!  What business do they have here?!  This is a three on one mugging on Aaron!
*crowd boos*
Amanda: This could be it for Aaron!  Pi and Sputz have Aaron held and Lars has a steel chair in hand! 
Amanda: But wait!  Otto hits Lars in the back with the chair, and Aaron gets free!  Otto whacks Pi with the steel chair!   And Aaron grabs the neck of Sputz and slams him on the ring canvas with a DDT, and Lars can't believe it!
Lars: This isn't over yet, you two!
Announcer: The winner of this match as a result of outside interference, Aaron!
Amanda: But that's not the big story here, the LPS tried to attack Aaron and Otto, and it fired back big time!
Otto:  *throws chair at Lars*  Why don't you go back where you came from, you twerp!
Aaron: Next week, you bring your two goons with you and Otto and I will take care of business!
Amanda: The LPS is running off like a bunch of cowards into the night!  Will they accept the challenge of Aaron, or will they chicken out, like I think they will!  Well, good fight and good night!