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8-17-2009: I have some sad news to pass along.  We have lost another beloved part of the Rocket Power family.  Henry Gibson, the voice of Merv Stimpleton has passed away.  My sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Gibson. -Aaron
8/1/2009: Hey all, it's Aaron!  This is my blog, and I'll be the first to tell you, I am happy that I moved my site from Geocities!  Rocket Power was/is my passion, still.  I love Otto, because he has heart, passion, pride and desire to be the best ever.  
Yes, I'm 27, but still a kid at heart.   Any questions you have about me, I'd be happy to answer.  Just mail me at!   I also have a lot of merchandise, as you can tell!  Between you and me, I hope they come out with a DVD of RP soon!  I'll let you know if they do that!  Well, take care, and I'll see you soon! ~Aaron, RPH