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Other Characters


Noelani Makani-Noelani was born and raised in Oahu Hawaii.   There, she met Ray, Tito and Dani(Ray's deceased wife).  The four really became close friends, and enjoyed one another's company.   Surfing was a great past-time for Noelani, but since a tragic accident with a friend, she has not went into the ocean, once.  Married Ray last year and now live in Ocean Shores together.

Ray Rocket- Owner of the Shore Shack, and father of two, Otto and Reggie.  He and Tito are the co-owners of the Shore Shack, where they pretty much raised the two siblings.

Tito Makani- A "sage," if you will of the Rocket clan, always giving out old Hawaiian advice, when needed! 

Lars- Twister's big brother.  And there is no brotherly love between him or his rival Otto.  Associates include Pi, Sputz, and Animal.

Mackenzie- She's only 5, but she instills fear in the hearts of anyone that wants to tread on her beach.  Just ask Lars, you don't want to know. Really.

Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld- A guy that dresses like it's Halloween, but is a real wimp when it comes to action.

Merv and Violet Stimpleton- Complete polar opposites.  Merv is a cranky next door neighbor, who doesn't want anyone in his pool or near his projects. Violet is, on the other hand, a very upbeat lady!

Officer Shirley- "The long arm of the law" she is not, but has a very mysterious relationship, often flirting with Ray, while keeping the Rocket kids out of trouble.  Easier said than done!

Dani Rocket- Otto and Reggie's mom, died in a boating accident a long time ago. First mentioned in the Christmas special.

Keoni Makani- Keoni is probably one of the best 11-12 year old surfers in Hawaii, got it from his old uncle Tito.  Also, gets good grades in school.  It should be noted that he and Otto did not have a good start to their relationship, because Otto was not used to having someone better than him at sports. The relationship has gotten better over time, as the two boys have gotten older and patched up their issues.  Twister and Keoni seem especially close, since both have a very positive attitude in life.  Who knows what is in store for the young Makani in the future?

Trish and Sherry- Little is known about the mysterious tandem of Trish and Sherry, except they are very good friends of Reggie.  Both tend to get very sarcastic, as found out in "Reggie and a Net" where Sherry and Trish say "Whatever!"    Sherry is also not afraid of horror movies, especially "Sharkenstein" in "Reggie the Movie"   Sherry is also not afraid to speak her mind about how Reggie is bossy as stated in "Zine Dreams"   Both are excellent surfers who have won many surfing competitions up to their young and tender age.

Trent- Trent moved to Ocean Shores when he was about 13 years old, came from New Zealand.  Reggie fell in love with the cute boy, and started wiping out on purpose to get his attention.  Of course, he knew this was the case, but was forgiving of Reggie for doing so.   We also know he plays rugby from "Major Scrummage" and doesn't back down from a rough game.

Breezy- Breezy tests products for a major corporation in California to see if the items are properly functional.  As in the episode "Summer Breezy," this did not work out too well.  The gang hid all the defective merchandise, until they told her that they could get seriously hurt riding this stuff.  She has also been spotted with Conroy in "The Big Day"  I wonder if this means Conroy and Breezy have a romantic relationship going?  Only time will tell.

Oliver-Oliver is a nerdy 14 year old kid who has the genius of such greats like Einstein, or Thomas Edison, but lacks the humility like they do.   Sam has defeated Oliver twice in competitions, one in sandcastles and the other in robots.  It seems that Oliver will do whatever it takes to be the smartest person in Ocean Shores, at any cost!

Chester and Theodore McGill- From the movie Race Across New Zealand. Chester won the first Wakikamukau Games in the late 70s by taking a shortcut.  Now that the Rockets are back in New Zealand, Chester is hoping to show Theodore some of his 'family tradition' to win the Games.   Chester tampered with the Rocket's gear to ensure victory for his son.  After Chester confessed to the crime of taking a shortcut in the last event, the snowboarding race, Chester was stripped and Ray got what he deserved, the medals.  Also, Theodore McGill confessed to cheating, and forfeited the medals, so Otto and Reggie were both crowned Prince and Princess Wakikamukau.

Lt. Tice- Tice is an experienced lifeguard, who trained with Tito Makani in Hawaii.   He has a military background that shows, when anyone disregards his authority, such as in Rocket Rescue, where Twister pulls a wet willie on Sammy.   Tice hates seagulls being on the beach, and will chase them down anytime they are present.  He has a hating of shoobies, because they just disregard the rules.  You may think Tice is a dictator, but without him, Rocket Beach would be a total chaotic mess!

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