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- Age: 11
- Grade: 7th
- Hobby: Goaltending, Computers
- Family: Paula(mom), Doug(father)
- Quote: "Can we go home now?"
- Hair: Army cut
- Voice: Sam Saletta, Gary Leroi Gray
Also known as "The Squid"; the term means the new guy.  Hailing from Kansas, this computer-tech expert is introverted by nature.

Sam is also a great goaltender and got the nickname "Stonewall Dullard" from NHLers in the episode where they play a tournament to get a chance to play with real NHL players.

Also, he has created a popular videogame called "Super Squid," which did make fun of the gang's mannerisms.  For example, Sam points out Otto's ego with his character looking at a mirror.  Or, Twister, when his video game character who loses his shoes.

He keeps the gang levelheaded from trouble at all times and without a doubt is an asset to the group!

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