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- Age: 11
- Grade: 6th
- Hobby:  Filming extreme sports.
- Family: Raul and Sandy (father and mother), Lars (brother), and many cousins.

-Quote: "Rock on with your bad self!"

-Voice: Ulysees Cuadra and Gilbert Leal
Twister is the film-maker of the group.   He is considered to be the dullest in terms of brainpower in the gang.   However, when it comes to film-making he is second to none.  Just ask anyone in Ocean Shores, and they'll tell you who is numero uno with the camera!

Lars, his older brother tends to bully him around.  However, it always seems to come back to bite him in the end.   Twister's real name is Maurice, but don't ever call him that!

As clueless as Twister is, he does have a good heart as Reggie points out "The Great Housekeeping Seal."  In the early years, he does pick on Sam, such as in the first ever episode, and the fact that Sam can't swim.

In the later years, during the time they went to Hawaii, Twister seems to be always asking Sam about the Menehune.  Also, during the Big Break, the two devise a plan to get to Shaffika, a major singer in the movie.

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