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- Age:  12
- Grade: 7th
- Hobby: Publishing the 'Zine
- Family: Ray(father), Otto(brother)
- Quote: "It's go time!"
- Hair: Purple
- Voice: Shayna Fox

Reggie is considered to be the most level-headed of the  gang. As a girl, she is out to prove that she is just as good as the boys are.   That is, even at the expense of one Otto Rocket, who she humilated on numerous times, in episodes like "Zine Dreams," where Otto's dark secret of Timothy Tidwell, his stuffed bear, gets exposed to the public.   Or, other times, she is simply out to prove that she is better than Otto, such as the time where Otto gets hurt at Mount Baldy.

Since Reggie's mom died early on, she had to take on the maternal role of the Rocket Clan.  This is evidenced after the fact that Otto got hurt during his snowboarding accident, telling him not to do any dangerous activities.  Of course Otto ignores this.   As much as Reggie tries to help Otto out with her advice, she realizes the best way for Otto to learn is the hard way.

This however, is not to say that Reggie does not get into trouble.   When Ray was away, one time, she decided with Otto to do a bowling game with cans, by putting chocolate on the floor.  To say the least, Ray was disappointed and didn't let her know that, until she dropped out of the race she was in.   Who knows what kind of trouble the gang would be in without her?