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These are a list of memorable quotes from the Rocket Power gang over the years.  If you have any that you remember (and I don't remember everyone of them, my memory is fuzzy!), please email me at, and I will be sure to put them up ASAP! :)
 By Otto:
On having the Fiji Flu: "You mean that Sam is not sick because he's always sick, and we're sick because we're never sick? That's sick!!"
 Various episodes: "I am after all, me!"
On Merv Stimpleton asking Otto for a driver club while playing golf: "We're in a car, Mr. Stimpleton."
On the subject of having fun: "It's only fun, if I win."
Pointing to Reggie, Twister, then Sam on the snowboard course: "Lame, lamer, lamest."
By Sam:
 On Reggie's crush on Trent: "Hey, will you work with me if I talk like this, mate?" 
 On being indestructible: "Talk to the smudge, girlfriend!!!"
On Twister and Otto not helping with the science project: "No, but there's a P-U in group, and you guys stink!"
By Reggie:
 "Did he just called me 'girlfriend'?"
 On Otto trying to play hockey with a cast on his foot: "It's the master of disaster."
On Otto being punished by Ray for poor grades:  "I warned you."
By Twister:
 On looking at a park map: "Let's see, I am here, how'd they know? That's so cool!"
After Sam says the hockey game is postponed for 24 hours: "I thought we were playing tomorrow."
After Otto loses the lucky shell from Reggie: "You're in T-R-U-B-L."