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I'll list 5 things that a character might say.  Email at, if you want to add anything.  This week, it is Keoni, Reggie and Otto in Hawaii!  What could they be up to? :D  Click here for the archive.
From: KM
1) Reggie:  Whose da sweetest widdle babies of Ocean Shores?
(A camera clicks offscreen)
Twister:  ah man, this'll be totally sweet for the photo album!
2) Keoni & Otto: *both make frantic mmphing sounds*
Reggie:  *in a mean understone*  If you ever insult my zine again, boys, I swear I'll gag you with something even fouler than Twister's dirty gym socks!

3) Keoni:  Reggie, don't you think we're all a bit too old to be playing "House?"

Reggie:  *thinking out loud*  Now, if only I had more than *two* hands...
Otto & Keoni:  O__O