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Rocket Power 3-D, The Ride: Extreme Motion

Audio Preboard Briefing.

Mr. ASHTON: Yarrr... On behalf of (park name), Nickelodeon Television,, Pixar, and Klasky-Csupo Incorporated, we'd like to welcome you to experience...

Mr. KASSIR/echo-chamber(loud): Extreeeeeeme... Motionnnnnnnnn!

Ms. FOX: Extreme Motion portrays the thrill of active sport in a virtual reality environment, utilizing state of the art 3-D computer animation in a professional-grade motion simulator platform.

Mr. GRAY: The simulator is securely fastened to the ground, will not leave the room, and will not turn over. However, as with other rides of this type, pregnancy, severe spinal and heart conditions, and abnormal sensitivity to certain types of light, sound, or motion stimuli are contraindicators. So, if you fall into any of those categories, later... much. We want your visit to (park name) today to be a safe and happy one.

Mr. CUADRA: Otherwise, prepare to be soaked.

Mr. ASHTON: You mean, "stoked."

Mr. CUADRA: What you said.


The Ride.

(Note: Audio channels are identified as Bridge for commentary from the ceiling, and Main for action from the screen.)

*The ride opens and the guests board. There is a visual briefing about how to put on the seat belt, how to put on the 3-D glasses, and that guests should refrain from using flash photography. A park cast member checks the status board and verifies that all guests are belted in, then activates the show.*

(Please note that all scenes I'm about to describe should be visualized as fully rendered computer animation, a la Jimmy Neutron, yielding 3-D images of solid objects when viewed through special 3-D glasses.)

0:00 - 0:12

*ON SCREEN we hear and see a HYDRAULIC PLATFORM lowering in front of us. OTTO, to left, and SAM, to right, are facing away from us seated in black upholstered chairs at a set of yokes and monitors, and turn their chairs to face us. Otto is wearing his regular clothing of headband, shades, yellow soccer jersey, burgundy OP corduroy shorts, and white Skechers high-tops. Sam is wearing his glasses, orange "N" t-shirt, faded 501 bluejeans, and sneakers. Both are seatbelted and wave at us.*

SAM/main: Hi there!

OTTO/main: And welcome aboard!

SAM/main: We've got an interesting ride planned for you today!

OTTO/main: So, sit right back and prepare to enjoy!

0:12 - 0:15

*Otto and Sam return to their work and the platform returns topside, leaving a clear black screen in front of us.*

OTTO/bridge (Imitating Patrick Stewart): Engage, Mr. Dullard.

0:15 - 1:00

*Audiovisual starts right away as we rumble on a DIRTBOARD down a hillside FIREBREAK to the tune of Fat Boy Slim's FUNK SOUL BROTHER, then we hit THE STREETS OF TOWN and swich to a SKATEBOARD. We come to a stop and turn to look at "our" REFLECTION in a SHOP WINDOW. The reflection turns out to be that of TWISTER, with a small VIDEO CAMERA mounted atop his distinctive Mercury-winged red helmet. He is outfitted in a blue tank-top over a gray t-shirt with green cargo trunks and black Chuck Taylor sneakers. He is also wearing knee and elbow protection and gloves...but for some odd reason he's also wearing a small orange lifevest! He waves at us...*

TWISTER/main: Hi there!

1:00 - 1:25

*...We turn and skate onward. The WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE starts to play through main sound as we proceed westbound on California St., cross Ocean Boulevard, and start rolling down the CALIFORNIA INCLINE, weaving around concurrent and oncoming TRAFFIC. Deck SHAKES as we gather speed.*

OTTO/bridge(loud): Yee hah!

SAM/bridge: Are we good, or what?

1:25 - 1:27

*A CAR driven by MERV appears coming out the DRIVEWAY of the PRIVATE CLUB on the other side of PCH, honking its horn...*

TWISTER/main: Uh-oh!

1:27 - 1:36

*...and we are subjected to a VIOLENT G FORCE as avoiding the CAR and other TRAFFIC we lean into a hard left turn as we head for MADTOWN SKATEPARK. REGGIE and CONROY are standing at the fence, arms extended to spot us as we vault the FENCE, up, flip, and over!...*

REGGIE/main: All right!

1:36 - 2:20

*...the wheels land with a hard THUD felt through the deck as we make contact with the floor and continue to roll. TWISTER takes us to a HALFPIPE for a couple of turns. We can feel the VIBRATION STOP for a couple of instants as he catches air, then he takes us through a 360-degree rollo in the FULLPIPE, then through some banks and turns in the BOWLS AND POOLS. SAM awaits us at the fence on the opposite end of Madtown as he helps us up, flip, and over!...*

SAM/main: Go! Go! Go!

SAM/bridge: I thought for a moment he wasn't going to make it.

OTTO/bridge: Squid, you underestimate the man.

2:20 - 2:30

*...Ride wobbles gently from side to side as TWISTER breathing a little heavily runs on his feet onto the PIER. (Looking carefully to our left, we can spot LARS hanging with his cronies near the street.) EDDIE meets TWISTER on the pier, relieves him of the skateboard, and hands him a BICYCLE. Now that we're on the bicycle, the ride wobbles up and down as Twister pedals seaward onto the pier, spooking a flock of PIGEONS...*

TWISTER/main (sniff, disgusted): Eyuh!

2:30 - 2:42

*...Dodging SHOOBIES and other OBSTACLES, we're eventually brought to the far end of the pier. Music stops, we see an EMPTY OPEN SEA, and we hear nothing except for a light WIND, screeching BIRDS, and crashing WAVES some distance behind us. A voice calls to us from below. We look down to the WATER nearer the pier and see OTTO floating in the water wearing his blue-green Billabong board shorts, sitting astride a SURFBOARD and holding ANOTHER BOARD for us by the leash...*

OTTO/main (distant): Ready?

TWISTER/main (loud): Ready!

2:42 - 2:47

*...Twister has ditched the bike and mounted the RAILING. Then we feel a jump and a slow wobble as the horizon inverts...*

TWISTER/main (very loud): Cannonbaaaaaaaaa!--

2:47 - 2:55

*...As the ride softly jolts, we hear a KERSPLASH through the entire sound system followed by exterior bubbles. Each guest on the ride is doused by a couple of teaspoons of water. We see nothing but bluegreen as a MACKEREL looks into the camera for an instant and darts away...*

(sound of a few drops of dripping water on a metal surface)

SAM/bridge (surprised): Whoa, hey, what was that? I didn't put that...

OTTO/bridge (devious chuckle): Somebody might have.

2:55 - 3:00

*...Twister comes to the surface, gasps for air, and gets on his surfboard...*

OTTO/main: Perfect timing! (loud) Outsiiiiiide!

3:00 - 3:40

*...A big macking wave heaves into view as the THEME FROM HAWAII FIVE-O comes over the main sound system. Twister paddles. We're on it. As a ventilation system blasts us with wind from the front, we're up and riding with a gentle wobble and light vibration underfoot as the lip of the barrel encloses us...*

TWISTER/main (loud): Yeeeeeeeaaaah!

3:40 - 3:50

*...VOICES in the distance hoot Twister onward from our right. Then he kicks out and straightens to shore as the wave runs out of gas. REGGIE meets us at the water's edge with a towel and wraps Twister in it. Sam follows from the shore and Otto from the sea, giving him high fives.*

OTTO/bridge: We hope you liked our ride!

SAM/bridge: Enjoy the rest of your day here at (park name). And remember...

THE FOUR/main(loud): Get out and do something!

3:50 - 4:00

*The second part of WE ARE RIDERS ON A MISSION is played as exit music as the seatbelts release and the exit doors open.*