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"Every time we go"

By: Meg

Another fanfic done by the one and only, Meg. "Rocket Power" belongs to Nickelodeon, and "Every time we go" is a song done by 'SugarCult'. This fanfic are short little diary entries from Lars' twin brother, Lurch, the day he found out he had a world that he never had....but could no longer have. Lars had everyone fooled....He was hidden behind the mask, and lost in his own mind.

It never was and never will be; you don't know how you betrayed me. And some how you got everyone fooled. You're not real, and you can't save me. And now you're every body's fool. -Evanesence

July 22nd, 2004 Dear Diary, it's me Lurch again. I'm here in Ocean Shores, California, after I found out I had a twin that was here in this town. At first, when you hear these things, you think what a bunch of BS, but then you have that little voice in the back of your head, that tells you other wise. I had that...I've always had that little voice. Most of my life, it told me that someone out there wanted me, trying to find who I really was. And here he is my long lost twin brother, Lars. I have a younger brother, too, named Twister. That's not his real name, my mom calls him something else, but I kinda forgot. It starts with an "M"....that's all I can remember. He's a really nice guy; seems to be getting quite used to have another 'Lars' around, or what he calls it. Lars just rolls his eyes, and leaves the room. We haven't talked very much since I arrived.

We did have a little conversation about what we liked, the girls we dreamed about having soon in our life, and what we wanted to do, as soon as we left home. Lars always told me, he wanted to marry Reggie's cousin, Megan Fernandes, and move to Visalia with her. I think that's also in California, about six hours from Ocean Shores. But I'll look it up on a map. I'm not very good with maps, though..*laughs*. I always thought Lars was happy to have me here. He seemed to like me. I mean, we both liked to skateboard every afternoon. We also enjoyed to prank phone call people and, ohhh, let me rephrases that.

HE liked to prank phone call; I just stood there and laughed at him. We would always call the Shore Shack, and pretend he was a lost little boy, asking for directions. Then, he would hang up, and laugh. We this numerous times, but quite after Lars got the pizza guy's number, ordered 100 pepperoni pizzas, and told them to deliver it to the Rocket's place. I laughed so hard when we saw the pizza guy walk up to the front door. Ray's face was too funny, and Lars just looked at me, and smirked. He was a funny guy, and always gave me a good laugh when I needed it. Sometimes, he would go too far, and make life a little harder then what it needed to be. But other then that, I loved my brother, and wanted to be there with him all the time. He was my hero, and a good friend to me. But then that all changed...we all changed one way or another.

Lars stopped talking to me after the second week I was there. I thought it was no big deal; he only wanted down time and some alone time with his friends, Pi and Sputz. But it became a habit, and no longer was Lars there with me. He ignores me, like I was nothing to him. I felt hurt, alone, and I didn't know why. My mom told me it was nothing, that Lars would bounce back, and talk to me again, like nothing happened. I was new here, and Lars would do that sometimes.

But months went by, and he would still ignore me. A good 'hello' was nice from him in the mornings, and that made me think all the time that everything was going to be ok. But he fooled me...he wasn't real, but I only thought this was stupid of me to think this way of my brother. Maybe Lars wasn't used to me. But it had been 2 months...shouldn't he know by know I was alive? Breathing the same air he was, sharing a home with him? I mean, my room was only across the hall from his, and I bumped into him once or twice since I've been here. He would look at me, and smile, but then go on his marry way. Did I do something? Was I not wanted in his presence? Did he hate me? Was I a disgust to him, now that he knew what happened to me in the past? No, no of course not. What the hell am I thinking?

Lars is home now. I'm going to talk to him, be a brother again. Maybe he was just testing me, thinking I'd give up on him. Maybe he wanted to see if he could hurt me, the way he was feeling inside at one time. But I don't know right now. My pride is broken right now. Maybe tomorrow, diary, I can talk to him.....

You like to think you're never wrong, you have to act like someone.